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Humane wildlife requests

Hi all,

There appears to be a raccoon family living in our roof, inaccessible by the attic in our detached house. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any services, and their costs, that could inexpensively and humanely remove and relocate the family because my father vehemently objects to contacting Humane Wildlife Control since others he knows have had similar issues and it's cost them $500. He doesn't even want me to pop out an e-mail to them asking for a quote.

Is this a general ballpark figure? Google tells me that people in the GTA may have to pay around $150/raccoon, so if this raccoon has like four babies or more, plus a fee just to get them to come out here, obviously that's way more than we'd like to pay.

I'm starting to get a bit desperate because I've heard my father discussing rat traps (and seeing one in our garage) and other very inhumane and fairly stupid, temporary ways of dealing with the situation, and trying to shut the mother out of the area - in the end, it just does more damage to our house when she breaks through.

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