Miss Meggin (staticat) wrote in niagararegion,
Miss Meggin

inadequate heat

hi everyone,

what are some suggestions about the next step in a situation where my landlord is not providing the 20 degree heat that is required (St. Catharines 20C September 15 to May 31 By-law #66-48 "A By-law to require adequate heat for rented dwelling accomocadation" from 1966 and amended in 1983)?

I have emailed several times and each time i eventually get an apologetic reply, but little action is taken. I suspect there is a problem with the heating system as the people in the units below me seem to keep their windows open, telling me they might be too hot.

I'm starting to think that this landlord is more clever than he lets on; knowing that as long as he sounds nice i wont rat him out to the landlord and tenant board.

is that what i should be doing at this point?

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