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Raccoon relocation [11 May 2011|05:59pm]

We are currently handling a raccoon problem, a mother with babies. We've only heard the babies and seen them via thermal camera so we're unsure of the age. The people handling the situation are going to catch, release, and patch up our roof. The issue is that they plan on releasing them within the immediate vicinity, and make no guarantees about keeping that same family out of our house. They don't spray anything to cover or remove the scent or repel raccoons from trying to occupy the space again.

If they allow us to release them on our own, or are willing to release them for us in another area, where might a suitable area be within the region? We're in Niagara Falls.
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[24 Mar 2011|07:31pm]

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[16 Nov 2010|09:10pm]

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Humane wildlife requests [13 Jun 2010|03:25pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Hi all,

There appears to be a raccoon family living in our roof, inaccessible by the attic in our detached house. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any services, and their costs, that could inexpensively and humanely remove and relocate the family because my father vehemently objects to contacting Humane Wildlife Control since others he knows have had similar issues and it's cost them $500. He doesn't even want me to pop out an e-mail to them asking for a quote.

Is this a general ballpark figure? Google tells me that people in the GTA may have to pay around $150/raccoon, so if this raccoon has like four babies or more, plus a fee just to get them to come out here, obviously that's way more than we'd like to pay.

I'm starting to get a bit desperate because I've heard my father discussing rat traps (and seeing one in our garage) and other very inhumane and fairly stupid, temporary ways of dealing with the situation, and trying to shut the mother out of the area - in the end, it just does more damage to our house when she breaks through.


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Buying posters. [06 Mar 2010|10:47am]

Is there a decent place in the Niagara region to purchase posters? Particularly movie posters?

I'm looking for this one in particular:

Thanks <3
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Hey all! I am in need of a 10 gallon (or more) fish tank with a secure lid [11 Oct 2009|03:14am]

and hopefully a filter, but if there is no filter I can buy one on my own.

Anyone have any fishtanks to sell? (Must have lid though to keep my newt in)

I would love you forever!!!!
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Lost Bird [17 Aug 2009|11:10am]

Posting for a friend. :<

Lost lutino cockatiel. Her name is Pee Wee, she is wary of strangers, and will likely not specifically seek them out. If she is in a tree or in an area up high, chances are she will not fly down as she is NOT an experienced flyer. She flew off around 1PM yesterday and was last seen heading in the direction towards Lee Ave. from the corner of Baldwin Ave. If she feels particularly safe, she will lean forward to have her head scratched.

She will eat seed and millet and is likely hungry. She is familiar with the company of another cockatiel. If seen, please call the number below.

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Local Talent [13 May 2009|09:17am]

ACAE Clothing makes some really badass t-shirts. I just received my order today and they're fantastic.

A friend of mine runs the company so if you guys want to check it out, that'd be great.


I also wanted to mention that Inn the Pines is now open for the season. Fresh eggs, fruit and produce, herbs and flowers and more. A favorite hang-out for local celebrity Anna Olsen, Inn the Pines is located at the 7th street exit on the QEW.

ACAE and Inn the Pines both have Facebook groups as well.

Thanks for reading!
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Huge book sale at Hannalore Headley's! [06 Mar 2009|09:28pm]

Hannalore Headley's is having a 50% off sale until March 28th! EVERYTHING in the store is half price.

71 Queen Street
(905) 684-6145

285 St. Paul St
(905) 684-8426

Go in and have a look around. I spent $20 there today and left with thirteen books.
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Who Hurt Bailey? [18 Dec 2008|10:35am]

[ mood | sad ]

Reward Offered

Bailey was a beautiful, 10-year-old, Maine Coon cat that was brutally beaten and set on fire on the evening of December 8th, 2008. He was found the next morning by his family outside of their north St. Catharines townhome on Old Pine Trail. He was immediately rushed to the vet but unfortunately, due to his extensive injuries, he died en route.

A reward fund has been established to help find whoever is responsible for this terrible act of animal cruelty. Donations to the fund can be made at any Meridian Credit Union branch to account 3523693.

The Lincoln County Humane Society is investigating. Anyone with information is asked to come forward by calling the Humane Society at 905-682-0767, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or by sending a text message to 274637.

In an effort to support Bailey's family,
a Facebook group,
"Who hurt Bailey?"
has been established.

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Dentist in Welland/St. Catharines [15 Dec 2008|05:09pm]

Does anyone know of a good dentist in the area?

I've been to a few in Welland and Fonthill - Dr. Lew, Dr. Albanese and Dr. Mancuso.
I'm not going to bad mouth any of them, but I'd like to find a better dentist.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Special Salons [14 Dec 2008|10:36am]

Hi there

I was wondering if I could employ your help.
I'm looking to take my mother out to a salon. Possibly a salon and spa. Possibly a salon and teaching studio. Basically, I don't know whats out there and to choose from.

I love my mother. She's a beautiful woman. I was insanely jealouse of her beauty while growing up - she had always gotten the whistles from boys my age. Bless her, she's lost her touch. She's still a beautiful woman, but as she has taken up a career in manual laybour, she has understandably less time to pretty herself up. And thats something every woman needs sometimes.

Its been several years since I've lived in St.Catharines and the only reputable salon I remember is Picassos. Are there any other places to go that can tame the dull masculine lifestyle she has entered, and bring out the elegant woman underneath? Perhpas supply some easy tips to help my mother keep the men whistling?

Any help in this would be appreciated. Thanks for reading even if you can't help.

Happy Holidays :)
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Welland Vets [04 Dec 2008|10:07pm]

Can anyone recommend a good veterinarian in Welland? By good, I mean, friendly, competent and safe practice, with reasonable prices. What about any to stay away from? Thanks!
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Work for Film Students [25 Nov 2008|09:58am]

I have a few promos coming up that will require a film crew; light riggers, cameramen, microphone operators, etc.

I may also need a female lead.

I have the location, the actors, the script, post production capabilities and a director.

The first promo is short, under two minutes in length; I estimate the actual filming will take a day at most. If this is successful, more will follow.

I'm offering credits, dinner and a small stipend. To qualify, you must be currently attending school for film and have your own equipment or access to equipment through the school. If possible, I would like to have contact with your professor(s) to discuss applying your time with me as course credit.

To apply, email me directly at silverflux.design@gmail.com

Don't bother including a resume or a list of credits; it's not important. What I do want to know are the following things:

Contact number:
Email address:
Favorite film:
Position for which you're applying:
Short bio:

I will be checking grammar and spelling! Positions are a first-come, first-serve basis so please try to impress me with your genius :)
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inadequate heat [21 Nov 2008|11:28am]

hi everyone,

what are some suggestions about the next step in a situation where my landlord is not providing the 20 degree heat that is required (St. Catharines 20C September 15 to May 31 By-law #66-48 "A By-law to require adequate heat for rented dwelling accomocadation" from 1966 and amended in 1983)?

I have emailed several times and each time i eventually get an apologetic reply, but little action is taken. I suspect there is a problem with the heating system as the people in the units below me seem to keep their windows open, telling me they might be too hot.

I'm starting to think that this landlord is more clever than he lets on; knowing that as long as he sounds nice i wont rat him out to the landlord and tenant board.

is that what i should be doing at this point?

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[17 Nov 2008|11:27pm]

hey folks,

i dont mean to spam so i'll keep this short. i just want to let you know of the screen printing deal ive got going on right now. 30 shirts (s-xl) one colour ink, one sided print for $199+tax. so if you know any bands, businesses, etc. tell them to check us out. the company is based out of st. catharines butll we welcome out of town orders too!


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[31 Oct 2008|01:32am]

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the Niagara area you may already be familiar with Hannelore Headley Old & Fine Books which is comprised of two locations in the Downtown area of St. Catharines.

Ms. Headley is a lovely, fascinating woman and has been a fixture in St. Catharines for decades.

According to a recent article in the Standard, the bookstores may be in danger of closing. Ms. Headley herself has implied that she isn't sure how much longer she will be able to stay in business.

I urge everyone with a love of books to visit the stores and have a look around. If you are buying books as gifts this holiday season, you will get far more bang for your buck there than you would at a Chapters or Book Depot and there are probably thousands of rare titles just waiting to be discovered.

Please consider supporting a local business and allow Ms. Headley to continue doing what she loves and what she's done for the majority of her adult life.

Hannelore Headley Old & Fine Books Inc. is located at:

71 Queen St
St Catharines, ON
L2R 5G9
(905) 684-6145


285 St. Paul St
St Catharines, ON
L2R 3M8
(905) 684-8426
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Drum lessons? [22 Oct 2008|02:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So I bought a drum set a couple months ago, and have been considering taking up lessons for quite some time. I called Murphy's Music today, knowing they offer various lessons, but I'm waiting on a call back to see if they can fit me in somewhere, as they are full. So I figured I would ask here, if anyone knows other places that offer drum lessons? Or even any drummers here that would be willing to offer private lessons in Niagara Falls?


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[20 Sep 2008|01:40pm]

Living World rabbit habitat in orange. Suitable for baby or dwarf rabbit.

$40 firm for cage only.

Must pick up in Welland.

Comment for more information.

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Musicians UNITE!!! [17 Sep 2008|10:19pm]


so I'm in a band, and im lookin to do something completely crazy and out of whack with this band and need some more musicians of all varieties for this, if you are at all intrigued in even the slightest way, please reply!!!

This will be one hell of an experience whether you are a well experienced musician or just a hobby musician.

I hope to hear from some of you.

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